Hooked Seafood Bingo

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Dive into a culinary adventure with Hooked Seafood, Seafood Bingo! Explore the ocean's bounty as you match delightful seafood items on your bingo card. A tasty twist on a classic game that guarantees a deliciously meal when you win.

Join us Every Wednesday at 8pm est on our Instagram Live @imhookedonseafood

Learn How It Works Below:

1. Get Your Bingo Card: Each player receives a bingo card featuring various Hooked seafood items. Purchase The Bingo Card of Your Choice!

2. Mark Your Free Space: Start by marking the free space in the center of your card.

3. Draw Seafood Items: Hooked will draw seafood items randomly and announces them.

4. Mark Matching Items: If the drawn seafood item is on your card, mark it.

5. Achieve Bingo: Achieve a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of marked items to shout "Bingo!"

6. Winning Variations: Explore different winning variations, like a full card blackout or four corners.

7. Claim Your Prize: The first player to achieve the specified pattern shouts "Bingo!" and claims their Hooked seafood-Platter

8. Enjoy the Game: Have fun exploring the depths of seafood flavors while playing Hooked Seafood Bingo!

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